James Neal v. Sam Waksal

In the midst of the Sam Waksal/Martha Stewart insider trading scandal, Joe brought a lawsuit on behalf of an investement banker against Sam Waksal and Waksal’s company named Scientia, for breach of an employment agreement and other claims. Describing Joe’s examination of Waksal as a “face to face grilling in an explosive civil lawsuit”, the New York Post reported that “Joseph Lee Matalon tore into the stonewalling Waksal, repeatedly pounding him with questions about Swiss accounts and whether he wired money to them through Scientia.” Thereafter the Court awarded summary judgment to Joe’s client, which was again reported in the Post (“Judge’s Ruling $ocks Waksal”). Eventually, a money judgment was entered against Waksal in excess of $1.8 million, and the parties for an undisclosed amount shortly thereafter. This case was featured in a book about Waksal titled “Cell Game”.